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Why State Schools Destroy Democracy — 2 Comments

  1. Regarding Gordan Anderson’s narrative of the “conflict of interest between a government’s natural inclination to control, or manage the citizens, and the democratic idea that citizens should control the government,” from among a repletion of daily examples, one fairly recent illustration should suffice—one that also provides evidence of “…schools that do not teach citizenship, but promote activism against it, by focusing on Critical Race Theory…”.

    In its August 11, 2021 edition, the New York Post headlined the story, “Atlanta mom says school ‘segregated’ daughter into black-only classes: lawsuit.” Read the story of how Black mother, Kila Posey, “is blasting her daughter’s Georgia elementary school for ‘segregating’ African American students to give them ‘more opportunities’ amid a series of controversies tied to critical race theory.’


    The same story was picked the next day, by REVOLT-TV: “Atlanta mom files complaint against daughter’s school for alleged segregation of Black students: Kia Posey said that Black second graders were assigned to the school’s designated ‘Black classes.’

    And on August 13, 2021, GOP-USA chimed in on the developments: “Atlanta Mom Says School ‘Segregated’ Daughter Into Black-Only Classes: Lawsuit”:

    The Black school principal (Sharyn Briscoe), is practicing “Progressivist Wokism” by “separating the students by race, to give them more opportunities.”

    This enraging nonsense is what motivated commentator Candace Owens to weigh in on the story:
    “Black Parent CONFRONTS Principal Over Alleged RACIAL SEGREGATION,” Aug 27, 2021:

    All of these are clear illustrations of what Gordon calls “the viruses that have crept into the state schools and have hijacked them.”

    Finally, here are the two questions of all questions: Firstly, since the overwhelming majority of us traditionalist, conservative Americans just happen to adhere to Judeo-Christian codes, mores, and views, how did the insane, progressive Left succeed in eroding our Founders’—and our own—Biblical framework of Truth-claims and Behavior-claims, in the first place? And secondly, since that framework has already once been eroded, even if we manage to recover it and to re-install it, how will we stop it from being yet again eroded?

    • Curtis, Since state governments were hijacked by people seeking power and control over, or the destruction of, the next generation, it is most important to prevent them from controlling the school curricula and imposing their own version of slavery or serfdom. Either the funding of state-supported schools has to stop, or funding should go to vouchers rather than schools so that parents can choose schools that provide education for children’s success rather than serfdom. Otherwise, homeschooling and alternative schools are the only viable ways to educate children. Unfortunately, this means parents have to pay the cost of education twice for each child until either state schools collapse or vouchers are implemented.

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